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About Jaime’s LILAC Foundation and our fight against cancer

We were formed in 2014 in loving memory of Jaime Moltisanti Cucuzza. Jaime was a strong, confident, caring young woman who we lost to lung cancer at the age of 38. Jaime’s family and friends wanted to honor her memory, and created this organization to help others who are battling this awful disease. It is our mission to help support cancer patients and their families, and accomplish this in two ways:

  • We provide patients with care packages that mitigate symptoms and alleviate the side effects of treatments
  • We donate funds to hospitals who are on the cutting-edge of cancer research

Jaime’s LILAC Foundation sources funds in order to both create patient care packages and fund cancer research. As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, we distribute as close to 100% of the donations we receive as possible. We understand that every little bit counts, and it is our hope that the work we do will further the ongoing fight against cancer.

Jaime’s LILAC Foundation Mission

We strive to provide support to both cancer patients and their families. The donations we receive will help fund the creation and distribution of cancer patient care packages, and fund ongoing cancer research.

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