The LILAC Legacy

Laughter, Inspiration, and Love Against Cancer

The name of Jaime’s LILAC Foundation was chosen very carefully. Jaime Moltisanti Cucuzza was a very colorful and lively person who brightened the lives of those around her. She did this through her creativity and passion, which is something we hope to commemorate. Lilac was her favorite color, which fortunately lent itself to a very fitting acronym.

Each one of these words is an embodiment of who Jaime was, and who we wish to be as a foundation.

Laughter: Anyone who was lucky enough to know Jaime knew she loved to laugh. Even at the slightest provocation, Jaime would begin to laugh uncontrollably, often to the point of tears. Humor was something that helped her through her darkest days, and was something she used to help those around her deal with tough circumstances. We also know that laughter can heal. Jaime knew how important it was to embrace levity and she made it her personal mission to make sure others around her, be it her family, another patient, or her treatment team, were able to do the same.

Inspiration: Jaime was an inspiration to everyone she touched. Even during her most difficult times, Jaime was always helping others. Whether she was sharing her own story, donating her time or money, personally comforting other patients, or just being a good listener; she constantly gave of herself. It is this selflessness that continues to inspire us to continue her work… to continue fighting her battle.

Love: Love was the single most important thing in Jaime’s life. She was a loving mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. Love was the most powerful weapon Jaime had in her arsenal. It is our mission to make sure patients and their families get all of the love and support they need from the community to help them through difficult times.

Against Cancer: Our ultimate goal, and the goal of every cancer foundation, is to help wipe cancer off the face of the earth. We will use all of our efforts to support cancer patients, their families, and cancer research. By working together, we hope to one day make the dream of a cancer-free world a reality. Until that happens, we want to make sure that patients have what they need for the fight of their lives.

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